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Sample Pom/Funk Class

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Combination Classes:  All combination classes are introductory classes for the young dancer so that they can explore dance through creative movement, body awareness and social skills.  Many varieties are offered to give the young dancer exposure to many forms of dance.  Our Combination Classes are unique in that they are imagination driven.  Our goal is to have our youngest students learn the structure of the classroom, learn basic dance moves, and learn terminology all while they have fun.  We utilize fairy wings, instruments, crowns and wands, and we encourage that the children utilize the hour long session to get lost in the movement, and ultimately gain a passion for dance and performance. We offer observation windows for parents, and viewing screens from our lobby so that whether your child needs to be aware that you are present, or they do better without seeing you, we have covered it all, so that ultimately your child gains the experience you are hoping for. 

Dress Code: We do not enforce a strict dress code for this class.  The children may wear anything from tutus, skirts, bodysuits and tights to street clothes that are tighter fitted.  Most children at this age like to dress as "frilly" as possible...we encourage that the children feel as "special" as they possibly can.  Tap/Ballet Combination shoes - black tap shoes, and pink ballet slippers (you may purchase at Payless, Target, Walmart or Kmart) Typically we have sample sizes for most children this age to use for a trial.  We do not want our parents to purchase anything until they are certain that their child will stick with the program...we understand how finicky children are at this age, so we attempt to make it as cost effective as we possibly can.  Jazz/Hip Hop Combination - any sneaker is suitable. Broadway Tap/Jazz - Black tap shoe and tan jazz shoe or Adage (sold at the studio)


Ballet - Classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement.  Emphasis on barre, center adagio, and variations.  Learn all classic and proper terminology.

Dress Code: Ballet is our most disciplined class.  We do request that all participants wear appropriate dancewear.  Body suits and tights (any color), pink ballet slipper, and hair pulled securely away from the face.  Ballet skirts and dance sweaters are also acceptable.  


Tap - Percussive footwork that includes precise rhythmic patterns.  A dance form in which rhythm is sounded out by the taps on the heel's and toe's of the dancer shoes.  All styles, including Broadway, Hoofing, and street are incorporated.

Dress Code: Street clothes are acceptable, however we request that they be tighter fitted and do not inhibit movement.  (Leggings, jeans, sweat pants are all acceptable, however we do reiterate that clothing should allow for freedom of movement.  Shoes: Black tap shoes either lace or buckle are acceptable)

Pom/Funk- This is an EDF original class developed and designed specifically here at our studio. It is a technique based class in combination with basic Pom movement.  This class will incorporate a specific dance style (i.e. hip-hop or jazz) in conjunction with technical work.  The class emphasizes precise, synchronized motions along with technical dance skills (such as jumps, turns, and leaps).

Dress Code: Street clothes are acceptable or dancewear.  We prefer no jeans in this class but leggings, dance shorts, bodysuits, and tights.  Shoe is a tan jazz shoe or Adage (sold at the studio) or any sneaker will also be accepted. 


All Boys Hip Hop and Basic Hip Hop: - Consists of four primary elements - Top rock, down rock, power moves and freezes.  Will also incorporate funk styles such as popping, locking, threading and tricks.

Dress Code: Street clothes, jeans, sweatpants, leggings - please do not wear looser fitted clothing because this will restrict freedom of movement.  Sneakers of any kind are acceptable for this class. 


Lyrical/Contemporary - A fusion of ballet and jazz with a focus on technique.  The class combines many technical elements with the freedom and fluidity of expression, includes aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance as well.

Dress Code: Dancewear is not necessary, however we do ask that the children wear tight fitting apparel: leggings, tights, bodysuits, dance shorts.  We ask that the dancewear or street clothes are modest, and that for our older children they are fully covered.  Shoe: Adage Shoes (sold at the studio) Jazz or modern shoes of any kind, but we ask that they be tan in color. 


Song & Dance - A "Glee" type class. Both vocal and dance warm up are incorporated.  All dance aspects are jazz based.  Class routines will include both Broadway and pop styles.

Dress Code: Please see dress code for Jazz class below.


 Jazz - A dance form that is matched to the rhythms and techniques of jazz music.  This high energy class covers many styles from Broadway to pop music.  Class includes kicks, turns, leaps, ,jumps and all components of correct technique.

Dress Code: Dancewear, bodysuits, tights, leggings, dance shorts with tighter fitted top.  Shoe: tan jazz shoe, Adage (sold at the studio).


Retailers: We recommend Step Up (Richboro)/Target/Walmart for our younger students.  It is not necessary to 

purchase apparel and shoe items from a dance supplier.  For our older students we recommend: 


If you have difficulty finding any items, please feel free to inquire at the front desk...we are happy to assist you.




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